F*ck Buddies: A Sex and Dating Advice Podcast

Welcome to F*ck Buddies (@Fck_Buddies), the dating and sex advice podcast setting out to smash toxic masculinity and rape culture. We're here to answer all of your sticky, sexy questions! With hosts Dain Miller (@TheDainiac) and Niall Spain (@NiallSpain). Submit your questions by e-mailing fbuddiespodcast@gmail.com!

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16 hours ago

Have we finally found the stinky zombie car crash boyfriend?  We may never know.  Topics include no sex till dating, an all-day tease-a-thon, strong candidate for most garbage human of the year, first time struggles, anti-vax ick, Niall reinstates Dain's hangover.

Monday Jan 30, 2023

I'm sorry that we didn't make it clear sooner, but when we ask a question on the show it is intended to be rhetorical.  Topics include increasing your luck stat, our secret is revealed, when it feels too good, fine dining meal ticket, leaving the past where it belongs, postpartum pal problems.

Monday Jan 23, 2023

If you get real desperate for a date, I highly recommend you swing by the Wal-Mart boyfriend lost and found.  Topics include labeling what belongs to you, AirPod espionage, afraid to add sex into the perfect relationship stew, body shaming dynamics, assuming you're dating a Chill Guy™.

Monday Jan 16, 2023

While Niall deals with an out-of-body experience due to cold meds, I'll just be over here trying to be Willem Dafoe.  Topics include forcing someone to hurt your feelings, sexually competing with your sister, rough sex method acting, surprise third wheel, your partner's red flag future boss, quiet and creepy.

Monday Jan 09, 2023

If I pass you on the street and you're holding something... just know: I thought about it.  Topics include resolutions and setting yourself up for success, good girl/bad girlfriend, not okay with "are you okay?", not bailing when booty called and old timey Tinders!

Monday Jan 02, 2023

I'm sure a lot is going to happen in 2023 or whatever, but nothing will be more important than Dain getting an air fryer.  Topics include taking things slow and casual, blurring out your friends on Tinder, jealous of your partner's online attention, learning to dominate your wife.

Monday Dec 26, 2022

Did we lose track of time and forget to do a Sexmas episode or is Sexmas whenever we want it to be?  Topics include Dain settles the Die Hard debate, stinky laundry pick-up, porn and sex addiction, analingus scrub down, carding your date, stubborn spousal gift giving, having your crush called out, expecting a romcom answer.

Monday Dec 19, 2022

If anyone needs me, I'll be hanging with my mom for the next three weeks.  Topics include your boyfriend's cool horse friend, ex's engagement effect, kept under lock and key, how to not ask for a woman's number, get me cheating, got you cheating, not being as cool as your boyfriend's mom, a confusing text.

Monday Dec 12, 2022

Welcome to our city of Toronto fancast where we talk about our favourite city instead of helping you.  Topics include regrets of key giving, masturbation efficacy, cuckolding gone wrong, when to cancel a date, hot girl phase, My Fair Lady (2022 Remake).

Monday Dec 05, 2022

It's not included in any of the party packages, but if you find the right suspicious looking kid, he'll hook you up.  Topics include constant cheating accusations, no sex two weeks before meeting, really hot bully, a childish first date, sibling only birthday dinner, tired of talking...forever, caught condomless, suspicious co-worker, and cracking jokes about cheating.

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