We're usually on the same page when it comes to answering questions, but when we're not we get contention boi energy.  Topics include the terrifying power of WAP, just wanting to see some fat dick, vaginal beauty standards, enjoying a sunset with a stranger, defining compatibility, the perfect gift, lingerie ownership and whole slew of new dating red flags. 

September 14, 2020

Episode 102 - Bouncing Bad

I don't know about you, Iron Man, but a Thanos snap doesn't seem like the worst idea right now.  Topics include a soupy Samurai seduction, losing your virginity with Mr. Stark, a post-break up birthday party, the most sacred of family vows, dealing with a chronic ghoster, illicit trampoline funds.

September 7, 2020

Episode 101 - Sodomy Monster

Oh boy!  I don't know what to say about this one, y'all.  I suppose this is just the energy we're bringing to the 100s.  Topics include how to slow a dude's sex roll, how to bring a little 8 Mile into your relationship, boyfriend surveillance, the finest works of T. Shakespeare, the bravest bread maneuver, Dain brings us up to a date with our favourite dreamer and Niall provides quite possibly the wildest, and hottest, sex writing segment ever.

We've done it.  Somehow, we've made it to 100 episodes and we haven't missed a single one!  Thank you so much for being on this weird, sexy and sometimes audibly uncomfortable ride with us.  We love you.  Also, if you submitted an audio clip for our 100th Episode Celebration, stay tuned at the end to hear it!  Topics include the most unpleasant sex writing Niall's ever read, an unsafe undergarment snack, the threesome desire, divorce dating opportunities, spicing things up with a new wardrobe, a Gone Girl worthy blog and a 100th Episode celebration!

Celebrate Episode 100 with us by sending in a short voice message to fbuddiespodcast[at]gmail.com!

This week's train wreck of a title is the result of a terrible experiment cooked up by Niall.  Topics include a five minute conversation cap, appealing to white people, the most magical of Mikes, fanfiction discoveries, being TOO good, helping The Kid recover from a missed opportunity.

Terrible personalities, horrible podcast.  Don't even bother.  Topics include small penis sibling comfort, a horny milk update, an accidental first date text, being too available, approach empathy, the catalog feeling of online dating, the most graphic Instagram live video ever.

We got a break from the scorching heat here in Toronto, so we took advantage by using our very big brains to answer your questions with perfect clarity this week.  Topics include Pokemon passion problems, communication tactics, keeping it SIMP-le, anal inclinations, saving your tongue for marriage, and we review more of your submitted Tinder profiles.

This week we have an exciting guest, Shakun Sethi, the founder and CEO of Tickle.Life, a website that can only be described as a sexuality megasite.  Topics include parent safe glory hole descriptions, sex when you're not feeling sexy, starting a conversation from nothing, the leaky boob betrayal, a third-party DM inquiry.


Visit www.tickle.life for more sex and sexuality wellness material!

This week Dain confronts Niall about a terrible crime and a whole new conspiracy reveals itself.  Topics include astral hexing, expectations for a romantic picnic, emotional cheating, the right time to state intentions, escaping Scientology, dating profile review.

We bring some real bad energy at the top of this episode because sometimes you just got to let it all out, but don't worry, we get to that good stuff in no time.  Topics include not allowed to be good at video games, contrary boners, manufacturing a broken heart, looking sexy tied up, mother-daughter dildo bonding and a fun new game!

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