We're just gonna let you listen to this podcast, but we're not giving it to you.  Please give us our podcast back now.  Topics include historical sex inventions, a reincarnated girlfriend, un-SIMPing your son, lock down lock out, a gift for future boyfriend(s).

Aren't you just sick and tired of never knowing whether you want to date, have sex with or just be friends with a woman?  Well, have we got a revolutionary trick for you this episode!  Topics include psychic girlfriend, giving up sex for religion, literal cabin fever, sexual tension day games, long term sex drives, an earth shattering way to deal with women, having a real sexy teacher.

Hey, America!  You did a good job and to celebrate we've got a very special episode in which we barely talk about politics because we had no idea what was going to happen when we recorded this.  Topics include a surprisingly horny coffee fact, what to do when your date falls asleep, masturbation and virginity, how to tell your partner they're not good in bed, using "faking it" as a weapon, the most important metric in which to evaluate breasts.

Welcome to this week's episode, if you'll give us a moment, we just have to finish half-heartedly deepthroating this dildo.  Topics include PS5 sadness, an abusive song, unexpected dildo desires, reverting to your original stink, neighbourly sex crimes, dealing with a broken condom.

The lines have been drawn in the sand.  You're either with us or against us.  The War on Boys begins now!  Topics include a brief history of Canadian serial killers, virtual work dress codes, supporting new hobbies, nocturnal smackdown, how to dirty talk if your partner started it, homewrecker avoidance tactics.

If we could all just take a moment to reflect on our lives for a second and see how we could be a bit more like Canadian rock superstar Chad Kroeger the world would be a better place.  Topics include engagement ring fake out, getting out of the pick-up game, STD gaslighting masterclass, giving up masturbation, the infidelity notary.

In this episode two very romantic adult men lament the troubles of being romantic teenage males.  Topics include only looking for sex online, threesome preparation, dealing with your partner having sex with someone else, teenage romance, a healthy way to get your partner to embrace a healthier way.

Dain brings big dad energy to this one and Niall insults some brains.  Topics include fortunes found in foreskin, a murdery update, a rocky honeymoon phase, annoyingly platonic dick pics, being bullied by your wife to sleep with her friend, why won't just reject men up front, an epic chronicle of perfect monster girls.

This week we bring a very important update regarding #NoSimpSeptember which we definitely take very serious and don't mock at all.  Topics include women's inability to understand kindness, the hazards of a 24/7 fetish lifestyle, keeping your relationship spontaneous with attempted murder, a double grandpa situation, engagement ring conman classics, accidentally marrying a pornstar and a sex writing segment that affects Dain to the very core of his being.

We're usually on the same page when it comes to answering questions, but when we're not we get contention boi energy.  Topics include the terrifying power of WAP, just wanting to see some fat dick, vaginal beauty standards, enjoying a sunset with a stranger, defining compatibility, the perfect gift, lingerie ownership and whole slew of new dating red flags. 

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