We're back to work for the first time in like seven months and if you think I've got the energy to come up with a real clever episode description, you can go STRAIGHT TO HELL.  Topics include how to absolutely not deal with annoying roommates, offending your date with kindness, when date night is every night, the legitimacy of horny fog, approaching sex as virgins, improving your girlfriend on Instagram and just a whole mess of terrible Tinders.

No matter what you do today, it's what Dad wanted you to do.  Topics include a relationship split, squirting insecurities, the feeling like someone is watching you, ignoring red flags, the omnipotent power of dad.

Look, someone had to say it, but your favourite rom-com couple probably broke up.  Topics include the dangers of grand gestures, integrating Tinder's Instagram integration into your dating, comparing yourself to other couples' unrealistic standards, the evolution of Game, a check-in with our favourite dreamer, annoying flirt tactics and perhaps the perfect Tinder bio.

I'm not going to lie, if someone offered me really cute kittens, I'd probably have sex with them too.  Wait, I mean the person.  Not the kittens!  Topics include a suspiciously sexy feline pick-up, a sitcom worthy legal lie and one of the longest answers we've ever given that pretty much covers every aspect of dating.

Turns out, after all this time, it's not the step-brother you need to fear, it's the REAL brother!  Topics include toxic relationship blackmail, the attractiveness of being direct, sibling jealousy, proximity masturbation, future regrets of casual sex, Rex Starwars and the Helmet of Space Sex.

You ever reveal a kink to your partner and think, "I shouldn't have said that.  I should not have said that."  Topics include vaccines and nominations, a very big fetish for a very big man, ball aesthetics, escaping abusive relationships, quiet men, keeping baby news from your partner.

Circle message: Y'all make me so horny, my eggplant emoji sneezes.  Send!  Topics include our Circle strategy, sexy sneezy situation, degradation play, the price of your wasted time, mom bod fetish, Pavlov's beans, how to ask out someone you barely know, weird rejection stories.

In these trying times, it's important to have a quickie with not just your daughter, but everyone in your family.  Topics include a clueless dad, more Tinder tactics talk, the worst proposal surprise, dealing with rejection and the importance of your teenage relationships.

You know what they say, all the good ones are either taken or still alive.  Topics include arousing duvet related sexts, how to handle confusing consent,  if they only maybe like you, reciprocating by receiving, being a phone person in the age of texting, how not to handle a fetish.

April 12, 2021

Episode 132 - Jizzua Tree

Sometimes you don't want to talk about U2, sometimes you need to.  Topics include top secret Dad folder, slobbering sex situation, making the perfect Together Breakfast, scientific semen tree sniffing, and defining a f*ck boy.

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